746-960 MHz 6-Cavities 350W duplexer
*Available in 132-174 MHz, 406-512 MHz

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The Lamatel 4-inch 6-cavity base station duplexer for the 746-960 MHz frequency range is a high-performance, band-pass filtering device engineered for modern, high-power RF communication systems. With a continuous input power capability of 350W, this unit is ideally suited for applications that necessitate high power and close frequency separation.

Key Features
High Power Tolerance: Designed to handle up to 350W of continuous input power, this duplexer is perfect for demanding, high-power RF applications.
Low Insertion Loss: With a minimal insertion loss of just 1.2 dB, the duplexer ensures that the signal quality is maintained throughout the system.
Good Channel Isolation: This unit offers channel isolation of 85 dB, providing sufficient separation between transmit and receive frequencies, making it well-suited for most RF communication applications.
Optimal VSWR: With a Voltage Standing Wave Ratio (VSWR) of 1.22:1, this device minimizes signal reflections and offers ideal impedance matching, thus optimizing system performance.
Field-Adjustable Loops: The duplexer features field-adjustable loops that enable users to customize the selectivity based on their specific requirements.
Temperature Compensation: Each cavity is temperature-compensated to provide reliable operation within a wide temperature range of -40ºC to +60ºC.
Quality Construction: The cavities are finished with a gold alodine coating, while the loops and tuning rods are silver-plated, offering optimal electrical performance and longevity.
N-Female Connectors: Standard N-Female connectors offer a wide range of compatibility with existing RF systems and cables.
Channel Spacing: Supports a minimum channel spacing of 3.6 MHz, providing flexibility for a variety of communication system designs.
Extended Configurations: For applications needing higher isolation, an 8-cavity configuration is also available for added flexibility.

This 746-960 MHz duplexer is an excellent choice for use in high-frequency two-way radio systems, cellular base stations, emergency services communications, and other applications requiring high power and close frequency separation. The device can also serve as a highly efficient pre-selector.

This unit is part of a series of duplexers available in different frequency bands, including 132-174 MHz and 406-512 MHz, thus offering a broad range of options to suit various operational requirements.

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