Dedicated Since 1999

About Us

Founded in 1999 as a Telecommunication consultancy firm, Lama Inc created a subdivision “LAMATEL” specialized in R&D and developed a comprehensive portfolio to complement all communications systems.
In 2014, Lamatel launched its own product line ranging from structured LAN Cables and COAX cables, to unmanaged PoE switches, indoor repeaters, RF filters, and passive accessories such as PDUs, metal cabinets, and headsets compatible with leading communication brands.

Later on, Lamatel expanded its product portfolio to include antennas, as well as high grade microwave links.

Our antennas are made of durable, reliable and quality you can count on in mission critical settings as well as extreme weather conditions.

Lamatel can provide turnkey solution for all your telecommunications projects. Engaging our sister companies, we are confident in our ability to provide you with the highest most efficient solutions for any project in the following sectors: public Safety, Transportation, Defense, Amateur Radio, and Utilities.

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