Lamatel’s LT-OTR-4G2S: Outdoor 4G Dual-SIM Router with high-speed connectivity, robust design, and advanced network control. Ideal for demanding outdoor environments.

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  • The Lamatel LT-OTR-4G2S Outdoor 4G Router is a state-of-the-art connectivity solution designed for demanding outdoor conditions. This device makes remote access and networking effortless, allowing seamless internet connectivity for various devices like phones, tablets, computers, and cameras.Equipped with integrated mobile modem and dual-SIM functionality, the router provides reliable, high-speed 4G internet access. It comes with MIMO antennas that deliver high signal sensitivity, ensuring robust and stable network connections even in challenging environments.Conforming to the IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, this outdoor router transmits Wi-Fi signals at a maximum power of 27dBm and offers high transmission speeds of up to 300Mbps, delivering fast and efficient network connections.The device features advanced firmware, allowing you to customize and control your network settings, including SSID, DNS, encryption, firewall, port forwarding, and Wi-Fi relay.

    Built to endure, the router is enclosed in an IP67 hardened industrial-grade aluminum alloy case. This ensures it can withstand extreme weather conditions and rugged deployments, making it an ideal choice for outdoor use.

Additional information

MIMO 3G/4G Mobile Modem

􀂲 MIMO 4G – High sensitivity 􀂲 Replaceable mini PCIe modem 􀂲 Multiple standard modems available

MIMO Wi-Fi with Booster

􀂲 2.4GHz – IEEE 802.11b/g/n & 802.3u 􀂲 Wi-Fi transmission rate up to 300Mbps 􀂲 Support up to 57 concurrent users

PoE (power over Ethernet)

􀂲 PoE support IEEE 802.3af/at 􀂲 PoE injector included 􀂲 Support 50-100 meters LAN cable

Industrial-grade Rugged Design

􀂲 Designed for rugged deployments 􀂲 IP67 hardened aluminum alloy case 􀂲 Surge protection

Wi-Fi Router

Standards: IEEE 802.11 b/n/g & 802.3u Transmission rate: 300Mbps by 2T2R MIMO Frequency: 2412~2484 MHz Channel: 1~13 Bandwidth: 20/40MHz or Auto Output power: 802.11n: 23±2dBm for OFDM mode / 802.11g: 25±2dBm for OFDM mode / 802.11b: 27±2dBm for CCK mode Wi-Fi modes: 11b / 11g / 11n only, 11 b/g mixed, 11 b/g/n mixed


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