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Passive Components for all your Communication needs.

Mission Critical Antenna Solutions

Our Engineers have mastered some of the world’s communications technologies for the most discerning critical communications and defense customers in the world. Stay safe and connected with our high performance antenna systems for your Two-Way radio systems and broadband networks.

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What We Offer

Founded in 1999 as a Telecommunication consultancy firm, Lamatel (aka Lama Inc.) invested in R&D and has developed a comprehensive portfolio to complement all communications systems. In 2014, Lamatel launched its own product line ranging from structured Cables and Coax cables, to unmanaged PoE switches, indoor repeaters, RF filters, and passive accessories such as PDUs, Metal Cabinets, and headsets compatible with leading communication brands.

Base Antennas

350-512MHz / 134-184Mhz
Available with NF and DIN Connectors

Dipole Antennas

380-470 MHz / 145 – 175 MHz
Available in 1, 2 and 4 Elements

Mobile Antennas

380-480MHz / 148-168HMz
Available with NMO Mount

In-Building Solutions

Indoor UHF antennas & accessories such as splitters and more!

Coax Cables

1/2″, 7/8″, LMR200, LMR400, RG223
and more!

RF Filters

50W – 100W
6 and 8 cavities available!

Connectors and Adapters

NF / NM / DIN / SMA connectors
and more!

RF Filters

Duplexers allow transmitters and receivers operating at different frequencies to share the same antenna. A duplexer typically consists of two band pass filters connected in parallel. One filter provides a path between the transmitter and the antenna, the other provides a path between the antenna and the receiver.

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Mission Critical

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